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Policy on Collection and Use of Private Information


COSMAX PHARMA Co., Ltd (hereinafter reggered to as "the Company") values the private information of our customers and complies with the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Use and Information Protection.


The Privacy Policy of the Company explains how and for what purposes it uses the private information supplied by it is taking to protect such private information.


1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Private Information

    The Company uses the collected private information for the following purposes:

    - Identification of Individuals

    - Delivery of notices and communication of improvements after receiving suggestions

    - Reply to inquiries


2. Content of Collected Private Information

    The Company collects the following private information for counseling and services:

    - Name, Company: used for identity verification procedure by using services such as counseling and

      inquiry etc

    - Cell Phone Number, E-mail Address and Business Phone Number: secure smooth communication

      channel for the process of counseling and inquiry etc 

    - Other Selections: secure basic materials for web consulting


3. Period of Possession and Use of Private Information

    The Company discards its collected private information immediately  after achieving the purpose of its

    collection and use of such private information.

    The Company, however, may keep such private information even after having achieved the purpose of its

    collection and use of such private information (for up to 3 years) in the following case:

    - It is required by the provisions of Commercial Law and other laws such as the Act on the Customer

      Protection in Electronic Commerces etc

    - Record conserning consumer dissatisfaction or dispute settlement (3 years)

    - The Act on the Comsumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc

      : Record of identity verification (6 months), Record of visit (3 months) 


4. Handling Complaints Concerning Private Information

    To Protect its customer's private information and handle complaints related to private information, the

    Company has assigned a person to take charge of privacy management. The details are as follows:

    - Name of person in charge of privacy management: Management Support Team

    - E-mail address: master@COSMAX PHARMA.com


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